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Sundance, Jacuzzi, Theramax, Theraflo Pumps 1999+

Components for the Jacuzzi and Sundance Theraflo, Theramax Pumps, 1999-Present.

After using Aqua-Flo Pumps from 1997-1999, Sundance came up with their own designed pump. They kept the names Theraflo and Theramax which causes some confusion for those trying to replace components. The pump was redesigned in 2003 and has been redesigned again in 2008. That is why there are several part numbers for the same pump. The newest version will retrofit pumps from 1997 - 05/2009. The components listed on this page can be used on spas manufactured prior to 05/2009. Changes were made in 06/2009 and the parts are not interchangeable.